writings on math, logic, philosophy and art


I like computers, art, and bringing ideas to life.

Personal Info

(Contacts and stuff)

I am Boris Marinov, age 35.



  • Deep knowledge of the web platform.
  • Huge experience with front-end JavaScript development - coding single page applications with React, Angular and other frameworks, designing interfaces with HTML and CSS. D3. Canvas API.
  • Experience with back-end web development with node and Ruby on Rails. Experience with SQL database development.
  • Good knowledge of TypeScript. Huge interest in type systems.
  • Huge interest in functional programming experience with Haskell and PureScript.
  • Ability to construct technical solutions that span across multiple technologies.
  • Experience with creating and maintaining software documentation, both developer-oriented (API docs, product overviews and tutorials) and user-oriented (integrated tips, video tutorials).
  • Experience with designing user interfaces and user experience.
  • Experience with handling server administration, deployments etc. Good Unix skills, some AWS experience.

Project management

  • Experience in leading small to medium software projects - facilitating scrums performing code reviews, making architecture decisions, solving tech and people issues, distributing the work between the team members.
  • Experience in mentoring junior developers and other team members - performing induction trainings, conducting one-on-one meetings and reviews.
  • Experience in communicating with clients, grokking different domains, putting down and implementing business requirements, and in general keeping them happy.

Domain knowledge

  • Experience with implementing ERP solutions.
  • Experience with implementing finance and trading platforms.
  • Experience with implementing accounting/bookkeeping software.
  • Experience with implementing software for handling reservations and event registration.
  • Experience with handling payments with Stripe.
  • Experience with OAuth single-sign-on solutions.


  • Background in writing, especially technical writing.
  • Background in web and graphic design art, typography, type design.

Work Experience

(What I do from 9 to 5)

Lead JS Developer - Growyze

from: Apr 2022 to Jul 2023

I was involved at a very early-stage startup, where I did everything, from organizational, to product design to development.

  • Front-end development with React.js and TypeScript.
  • Designing new features, preparing wireframes with Figma
  • Supervising and mentoring junior developers

Fullstack Ruby on Rails Developer- Dext

from: February 2021 to: July 2021

Worked on a cutting-edge solution for accounting and bookkeeping with Ruby on Rails, contributed to an internal UI framework based on React, collaborating with a team of product owners, UI designers, and business analysts.

Fullstack JS Developer/Project manager - US Squash

from: January 2017 to: February 2021

I lead a small team of JS and SQL developers, working on the Club Locker - a web-based platform for everything related to squash.

  • Reimagined and refactored the Club Locker platform turning it from a US Squash-centered platform to one which serves the needs of various organizations around the world.
  • Facilitated a complete rewrite the platform’s front-end, using Angular and TypeScript, and following the principles of component-based design.
  • Implemented Scrum in the team, improved the process of planning, task estimation, testing etc.

Senior JavaScript Developer - Royal Bank of Scotland (via epam).

from: November 2015 to: January 2017

Developed the front-end layer of a large currency-trading system, working closely with a team of product owners, designers, and business analysts, in improving every aspect of the product.

Lead front-end Developer - Tick42

from: September 2013 to: November 2015

I worked on multiple projects and products created for the needs of the largest investment banks of the world, such as JP Morgan.

  • Designed and implemented Tick42 Glue - a WebSocket-based RPC and connectivity library, which later became an integral part of the company’s core product.

  • Designed and implemented Config Manager Workbench - A user interface for a MongoDB-based configuration storage service which generates UI-s for editing entries with arbitrary schema and supports several modes of data representation.
  • Led several client projects for major European financial institutions and supervised the work of several junior JavaScript Developers.

Senior Technical Writer - Bosch

from: November 2011 to: September 2013

Worked on a developer-facing documentation portal for Bosch’s solutions for the Internet of Things. I worked on their

  • Documented API-s of Bosch software development libraries.
  • Wrote tutorials and code examples
  • Developed a web-based information portal.


I have one formal education degree - a bachelor’s degree in PR and mass communication at the Sofia University.

And I also have several informal ones:

  • Design - I have a very good visual literacy, besides UX design I have done graphic design. I also design typefaces.
  • CS and mathematics - I have been passionate about learning CS since I started working in IT, even more so since I became interested in functional programming. I also study mathematics as a hobby. Here is a guide to category theory that I am working on.