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On nazism

Nazism is a delusion where (a part of) the establishment is made to believe that they are the minority and that all their problems are caused by some other group of people, which they deem as the new establishment. Bonus point if that group of people are actually very weak, small and vulnerable.

This delusion causes the establishment to expect to solve their problems by repressing this group, and to repress it even more when their problems are not solved, leading to a feedback loop.

Example: Hitler came to power by putting forward the conspiracy theory the Jews are solely responsible for all of Germany’s issues [1] and that repressing them would solve them. And so when repressions didn’t do lead to any improvement (jews were less than 1% of the population[2]) all he could do in order not to expose himself as a fraud was to repress them even more.

Now I am seeing the same thing with the so called attack on “wokeism” America, in particular with the attack of the trans community - Elon and co are getting deeper and deeper in their version of the same delusion/conspiracy theory according to which, one of the smallest and most vulnerable communities is actually in charge of everything e.g. they are able to “cancel” anyone that they don’t like, which is perceived as dangerous (when in reality cancelling someone is just expressing their opinion).

This definition of nazism clearly shows the contrast between nazism is from socialism/communism and shows why Hitler can never be deemed a socialist, even if nazism stands for “nationalsocialism” - socialism is all about helping repressed groups and empowering them, while nazism, on the contrary, is all about repressing such groups to the fullest.

It is no coincidence that in both instances which I mentioned in the prev post, the group that is deemed as evil has to do with the political left.

btw, I don’t understand how this delusion justifies itself… i.e. all nazis and capitalists are so fucking scared of socialists? They deem them weak, unworthy, stupid, crazy etc. but at the same time they dedicate spare no resource in trying to destroy them in every way possible. How can a group that is so weak do so much damage

But anyway, nazism and other philosophies that are based on discrimination can be tempting, because they free you from responsibility of caring for a certain group of people (by asserting that they are to blame for being poor, black, women, uneducated etc.), but accepting it is a moral dead-end that only leads to stress, hatred, violence and death — sooner or later you would either find yourself on the other end or you will find people from the other end challenging your position. There is no sane moral philosophy, but that which is based on solidarity.

Written on July 11, 2022

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